You Are Perfect

You are perfect.

I tend to focus on the parts of me that I don’t like, the scars I wish I didn’t have or the character traits that I hate the most. I work on personal growth and often lose sight of the goals many times through the journey, until I’m harshly reminded once again of the things about myself I wish were different. It was working on creating this art and seeing how each little flaw in the paint worked together to add character and make the overall image more fun that reminded me, once again, of our imperfect perfection. We all have things about ourselves we don’t like, but every one of our flaws and stellar traits alike make up who we are and that is perfect.

As you journey through your days, don’t be afraid of working to improve every aspect of yourself but don’t lose sight of the perfect badass that you are today. You have a purpose on this earth and in the lives of those you journey with, do not allow your perceived imperfections to slow you down on your journey.

Spread love, Share hope, Give grace and live each moment knowing that you are perfect.

You Got This.