You Are Meant To Live An Epic Life

Change is hard and a scary thing to think about but not growing is even scarier to comprehend. We each have a purpose in this world and a reason that we were born, when we were born, to the parents we were born to.

I wish, sometimes, that I could bottle moments up and live in that space forever but it wouldn’t be fair. I would be happy and content and living my life without the ability to fulfill the purpose I’ve been charged with.

In honor of those great moments and the ones that hurt a little I remain thankful. Each person that’s come and gone in my life and each challenge I’ve overcome has landed me in this exact moment, full of pride and laughter as I write notes to myself on rainbow shit sticky-notes.

I challenge you today to continue to grow, open your mind to the opportunities in front of you and step your shit up to create the life you dream of. You are meant to live an epic life!

You Got This!