You Are A Badass

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Think about all the things you’ve overcome in your life. All the accomplishments you’ve had leading up to this moment in time. You are incredible!

This photo was taken in the spring of 2008, the same day that I tried to help my earthly life end. Again. My heart was hurting and my mind took that opportunity to reassure the pain.

Thankfully there were people that interrupted my plans and my pleads with God and I realized my time on earth was not finished.

When I think of this picture, I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue breathing. But I’m even more grateful for the hard freaking work that I put in to start living!

In times of uncertainty, my mind comes back to these moments and I reassure myself that if I can make it through those days, I can get through damn near anything. And so can you!

I may not know what you are struggling with today or what seems to be holding you back, but I do know that you are a badass. You’ve overcome so much in your life and gained countless experiences, all leading to these moments. I promise you, you will overcome. You will step out on the other side.

My heart and my faith are both with you. Much love. Keep fighting. 💪

You Got This.

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