This Is For That Kid That's Lost

This is for that kid that's lost. That kid that feels like the world is beating them down. That kid that is sad. That kid that is lonely. That kid that feels rejected. That kid that wants to give up.

This is for you because this is a testament that it can and it will get better. Keep pushing.

It's more than an honor to be surrounded by so many incredible souls for a couple weeks, much less doing it while traveling on a big ole cruise ship through the Adriatic Sea from Italy to Greece doing a job that I love for folks that truly love music.

Its pushed me to think back, it's been less than ten years since I was stepping into the ocean, praying God would use his sea to take the hurt away. He didn't oblige, but rather worked on healing the heart and pushed me to keep fighting for life. The years that followed would take me through all 50 US states, across the world to countless countries working with artists from almost every genre, meeting so many great people that I now call friends and has landed me to this moment. This moment I'm so thankful to be a part of.

I promise you this - it does get better. Whatever it is that is burdening you today, don't give up. Don't give up chasing a dream, don't stop pushing forward and don't stop fighting for you.

Keep creating. Keep focusing. Keep dreaming. Keep imagining. Keep being incredible. Keep being you.

You Got This.