Real-Talk About Grace

I’ve been thinking lately about all the times I’ve failed someone. Maybe it was something I said without thinking, something I did or a there was moment I didn’t step up for someone that needed my help when I absolutely could have. It’s a great exercise if you want to feel like a total dick, but it was necessary for me to understand why I do the things I do. Unfortunately, I fail often but in every situation I could think of it was never about the other person. Sure, maybe in the moment my negative actions were unnecessarily directed at them but they always stemmed from my own personal issues, insecurities, fears or need to feel accepted.

I then remembered how defeated I have felt when I have been judged myself. How much that would stack my insecurities, build my self-consciousness and too often lead me once again to fail someone else through actions or words.

I say all this for one simple thing, as a reminder to us all why people do the things they do. We all have a way of living life and a belief structure that runs how we do things. We all have the ability to make change in the world and the heart to try. As you go through life, remember that the people who are the meanest are also the most hurt. Don’t allow their negativity ruin the incredible person you are. And maybe after you give them a good kick in the shins (please don’t do that) ask them what’s wrong. Give them a smile, a reaction they aren’t expecting and change their pattern in a way they don’t see coming. Mess their whole day up in the best way, and most importantly don’t let someone else’s negativity mess your day up.