One Day At A Time

Three weeks ago I made the decision to play some mind-games with myself while trying to allow my body to be healthier and chose to eat a vegan-diet. Whether I became a life-long vegan eating son of a gun or chose to dive into a meat and cheese diet within a week, this experiment wasn't about anything more than taking it one day at a time and seeing what happened.

Two weeks after I started I ate meat/cheese for the first time at a cookout with some great friends and the week that followed seemed to be more 'non-vegan' than vegan - something I'm totally alright with (although my body is less than stoked!).

With that said, I've learned that it is MUCH easier to focus on the times we've 'failed' rather than the successes we achieve each day. Every decision we make toward our goal is a win, I don't care if it is as small as parking an extra 50' from the entrance of the store to get that much more time on your feet or if it's deciding to eat a super-foods salad and wheatgrass shot rather than an all-you-can-eat southern fried dinner or something that doesn't align with your goals.

Don't ever forget to celebrate your wins, move forward each moment and consciencly make decisions to be a better person for yourself in this moment than you were in the last.

There aint nobody that got this like You Got This. Keep being a badass. Keep rocking.

You got This.