Never Underestimate The Power Of Your Words

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Never underestimate the power of your words.

I was reminded of this reality during a dream in some broken sleep last night and it hit hard at home. In a busy lobby or establishment of some sort I was sitting in a chair in a back room when a little boy ran up to me and started talking and playing. It was a few minutes later that he looked me in the eye and said “I know you don’t know this, but I’m the kid you sent those toys and notes to. That was me!” Slight backstory via the dream, a friend had told me about her friends son that was on a mission to kick cancers butt so I decided to occasionally give her some stuff to take him. A simple toy and a note of encouragement, small things with the hope to put a smile on his face for a moment. I didn’t expect to hear much more than that, much less meet him. But seeing his excitement and the look in his mother’s face with a tear in her eyes, they were appreciated.

Even though this was a dream, it translates to reality so much. Imagine what might could happen in the world if we all put our egos aside and spent even a little time encouraging others with no expectations, even those we’ve never met. I feel like we’re often worried of things being taken the wrong way, but what if we stopped letting worry stand in the way and we made sure those we cared about knew how we felt. Or we just made sure people knew that they were loved, that they were seen and that they were doing a great job navigating this thing called life.

The older I get, the more I realize just how confusing the world is and how hard it can be. That’s something I’m sure most people would agree with. So today, tomorrow and every day after, think about how much a positive word from you could mean to someone. Who knows the last time they may have heard that they were loved or even that their efforts were seen. It doesn’t matter how strong, powerful, weak or even straight up broken they may seem - gain the courage and speak. Your words can change someone’s life.

You Got This.

We Got This.

PS. You are loved and kicking ass!