If You Want A Friend, You Need To First Be A Friend

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

“King, you say everyone runs away because you are only focused on those people. I won’t deny that some people are scared of you because of your looks. That’s just how some people are because they’ve been taught to think that way. But, King, look past those people. There are amazing people right here in front of you who don’t care that you’re a gorilla or that you have a funny mark on your head; they are just enjoying their Saturday. I know you can find friends who only care about your heart and who will love you as much as you want to love them.”


“You know, King. You can’t control other people. I know it’s not fair that some people judge others by their looks without even getting to know them. Whether you’re tall or short, black or white, a kid or a grownup, have two dads, or are a gorilla in a shopping center, it should be people’s character that helps you decide whether you like them or not, not their looks. King, maybe you can help the world with that one day, but today, you need to understand that you’re wrong. If you want a friend, you need to first be a friend.”