I was recently thanked by someone for failing at a job that then provided them an amazing opportunity to take my position. Although I do believe the gesture was coming from a sincere and genuine place, that conversation did not sit well with me. Quite frankly, it pissed me right off! That’s when I was given the chance to step back and look at exactly what that meant…

If I hadn’t failed then, I may have never changed directions. If I hadn’t failed then, the people I now call some of my best friends may have never appeared in my path. If I hadn’t failed then, who knows what today would have looked like for me and for the person that stood in front of me and thanked me for not being good enough.

Failure doesn’t come if you don’t try. Dreams don’t become reality if you don’t try. New opportunities don’t come if you don’t try. Try often and don’t dismiss the opportunities you may provide someone else through your mistakes. It may be the thing that changes both of your lives.

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