Dream Big. Dream Impactful.

My absolute favorite thing to do is to dream. To look into the future with aspirations that seem impossible, knowing that the only thing standing between where I am and where I envision myself being is much dedication, hard work, unbelievable trust and a strong commitment to never loose sight of the beliefs I had as I began the journey.

Although having a building owned by the Parker Global Corporation seems like an impossible feat, as I see into the vision I realize the impact something like this could have - which takes the impossible to being worth the fight to make it happen. From the rooftop garden to the coffee shop in the bottom floor, the mission would always be to provide a place for people to be loved, to be understood and to feel safe while chasing their own dreams and aspirations.

The You Got This building would be a dream come true, but more than anything - forming a community that has each others back, that encourages even the craziest ideas and a community full of love and hope is forever my life mission! Now please excuse me while I set up a savings plan.