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These times are unprecedented, but after having graduated into an economic recession in 2009 and not being able to get a job at a fast-food-burger-joint to creating a career traveling the world with some of the most prolific bands in music, Erik Parker has set out on a mission to ensure the current generation of college students don't give up!

Together, we can make an impact and ensure that each college student has the confidence to continue through their journey, the passion to explore new possibilities and the drive to succeed in anything they put their minds to!

2020 Special Offer


Approximate 60 Minute Virtual Speech and 30 Minute Q&A On Either Zoom or Another Platform of School's Choosing

Replay Abilities For Students Unable To Attend Live

With Special Bonuses:

Administrators and Teachers Mastermind Community Group to share ideas and growing concerns in the era of virtual education

A Student Mastermind Group as a space to share ideas and support one another as their journeys continue with direct access to Erik Parker

All This For $5,000

For all events booked through December 2020

PLUS Get A 24-Hour Post-Event Money-Back Guarantee

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