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Meet Parker 

Motivational Speaker, Author, Concert Lighting Designer

Erik Parker has lived a fulfilling life in more ways than one, demonstrating a penchant for continually surmounting and excelling through the myriad of obstacles that life has thrown at him. From watching his dad lose an agonizingly long battle to cancer, to navigating through his own insecurities and suicidal wishes, to graduating from his dream college into a deep economic recession – Erik has constantly fought to create his dream life and has, in fact, come out stronger. After what became more than a decade of designing lights and traveling the world with some of the biggest musical bands, he is now driven by the mission to ensure every person has the ability to create the lives they dream of. No matter their circumstances, and despite their fears.

From My Blog

I'm a fan of short words of wisdom. Small tidbits of thought that together will change our lives.

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"My dream is to live in a world so full of love that hate has nowhere to go but out. And in a world where people chase the lives they dream of, despite the fears and insecurities that often stand in our way. That is why I do this. It is my mission to push people past their boundaries, support them through the uncertainties and celebrate with them as they rise above settling for a routine life."

In the midst of uncertainty, the time to add hope into the world is now. Parker and Team You Got This are on a mission to do just that — To deliver hope and the ability to take our lives to the next level. 


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"Erik Parker really brings the energy and motivation during his speaking sessions. It’s real, it’s vulnerable and it’s encouraging."

Tiffany B.

Evolution PR.

"Erik Parker has a profound ability to articulate motivational techniques that can be applied to “real world” issues. His ability to inspire the masses based on his own life experiences makes him a captivating speaker."

Rusty W.

Recording Artist

"Parker is one of those individuals that finds ways to implant his story into your life.  He is an incredible individual with a story that many people would have taken in the complete opposite direction.  It takes a strong individual to get through what he has faced in his life and its truly inspiring to see someone do what he has done with so many speed bumps in their life.  Parker is a special individual who has such a unique and positive outlook on life. Only if there were more "Parkers" in this world, we would be a much better society."

David V.
Touring Audio Engineer

"Erik Parker invites us into his story of overcoming loss and hardship to show us that anything is possible. I have experienced Erik's unique gift of delivering this vision from the stage in a powerful and captivating way that has inspired me towards real change."

Mark A.
Seminar Attendee

"I have never met anyone as selfless as Erik Parker. Even when life’s struggles arise, Erik continues to be a beacon of encouragement and motivation for everyone around him. His words remind me to have a positive attitude, never give up and spread kindness. "

Christina S. 
Personal Friend

“Erik Parker has a passion for people, positivity, and perseverance - and this all comes out during his presentation. Erik’s story is an amazing one, and the lessons that he shares with his audience are impactful, insightful, and life changing. You cannot walk out of the room without feeling charged and ready to take on the road ahead!” 

Chris L.

Lighting Designer

“Attending Parker’s event was a great experience. The way in which he relates what is happening in his own personal story to my personal story was both authentic and transformational. I highly recommend attending!” 

Trevor M.

Seminar Attendee



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